• ΣΝ Recruitment 2018

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    Are you an incoming Freshman or rising Sophomore? We would love to have the opportunity to rush you this summer. A great way to get recruited by us would be to fill out the form on the right of this page. We will receive this information by email immediately. We also encourage you to contact our Rush Chairmen whose information is posted below, also if you are out of state feel free to call any one of the three. Rush is one of the most fun times in your life and we encourage you to go out with as many houses as possible. We hope to hear from you!


    Rush Chairman (Tulsa)



    Name: Parker Wilson

    Phone: 918-978-7275

    Email: parker.wilson10@okstate.edu


    Rush Chairman (OKC)



    Name: Samuel Walter

    Phone: 405-368-2352

    Email: sam.walter@okstate.edu



  • Recruitment Information Submission Form


    Do you currently have a brother or sister who was or is in a Greek house at Oklahoma State? If so please state what house below. (optional)

    If you have any Sigma Nu references please list the name and number below. (optional)

    This form is for Sigma Nu use only. To fill out the IFC recruitment information head to http://gogreek.okstate.edu/interfraternity-council-recruitment