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    Dear Friends and Family,


                The men of Sigma Nu are proud to announce that we have decided to pair with Cleats For Kids for our annual Temple Classic Volleyball Tournament. This event started in 2001 in memory of our brother Brady Bechtel, who was involved in a car accident in 2000, which left him paralyzed and eventually led to his passing. We have had the opportunity to benefit various philanthropic organizations over the years, and we are excited to pair with Cleats For Kids for the first time this year.  Last year, through the Trimble Strong Foundation, we were able to raise over $32,000 to provide for educational scholarships, international missions, adoption, and ALS awareness. This year, with your help, we hope to help Cleats For Kids empower kids to live healthier lifestyles and learn life lessons through sports by providing sports shoes and safe equipment to kids in need.


    In the past six years, our tournament has raised over $147,000. Last year we had over fifty teams participate. We hope to make this year just as successful. The Temple Classic Volleyball Tournament also benefits Sigma Nu and serves as our main attraction on Greek Discovery Day. The event helps with recruiting prospective new members, ultimately ensuring that the future of our house lies in good hands and understand the importance of philanthropy and giving back. Sigma Nu is gearing up for another great spring semester and is excited to be sharing the experience with Cleats For Kids. Any contribution to this foundation is greatly appreciated. Donations can be made at mailed to the address below.Additionally, we will be raffling off a series of prizes including a round of golf for two at Karsten Creek in Stillwater and an official Oklahoma State golf bag, a guided night time hog hunt for two, and two suite tickets to the OSU football game against Baylor during the 2019 season, a Ruger rifle, a replica Mike Gundy signed helmet, many Gameday Ironworks products, along with many other great items. Please contact any Sigma Nu or use the donation link above to purchase raffle tickets.


    Please Make Checks Payable to: “Sigma Nu Temple Classic” & earmark “Cleats For Kids” on the Memo line

    Mailing Address:P.O. Box 1132 Stillwater, Oklahoma, 74076


    Silver Level: $100 Minimum Donation. Name on Temple Classic Banner that will be displayed during the weekend of the tournament. Printed letter of acknowledgement in the Sigma Nu Newsletter.

    Gold Level: $250 Minimum Donation. Name on Temple Classic Banner that will be displayed during the weekend of the tournament. Printed letter of acknowledgement in the Sigma Nu Newsletter. Name printed on Temple Classic t-shirts.

    Platinum Sponsor: $500 Minimum Donation. Printed letter of acknowledgement in the Sigma Nu Newsletter.  Name on Temple Classic t-shirts and banner that will be displayed during the weekend of the tournament. Option to provide banner to advertise on Temple Classic Volleyball Court during week of tournament. Sponsor will also be included in the Cleats For Kids monthly newsletter at then end of Temple Classic.




    Donation Amount: ________________________________________________________


    Alumni/Business Name:____________________________________________________


    Address: ________________________________________________________________


    Phone: _________________________________         


    Signature: ___________________________________________ Date: ______________


    Donations needed by Tues. Mar. 26th to get name on t-shirt/banner. All donations needed by Apr. 8th. Send shirt logos in .tiff format to


    Temple Classic Chairmen:     


    Blake Nisbett                            (405) 606-5128                


    Regan Henderson                   (405) 368-6445    


    Garrett White                           (602) 819-9704    


    **Printable Version Below**




    There are two ways to donate:


    1. Visit and donate directly online.


    2. Fill out the form featured above and mail in your donation!



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