Three Local Founders:

    1. Leslie Swim, EE 28

    2. Benny Owens, DE 30

    3. Errett Rains Newby , DE 1


    Errett Rains Newby and Benny Owens came to Oklahoma A&M to evaluate the possibilities of founding a Sigma Nu chapter. They researched outstanding organizations and leaders and were referred to Leslie Swim, President of Phi Kappa Delta. The three men met at Peck’s Lodge and made an agreement to found Epsilon Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Nu.


    The first initiation was held on October 19, 1920 at the Stillwater Masonic Hall. Leslie Swim took the chapter number EE28 because all of his gear from the Army had been marked with that number. Thomas Edison Molacek was given EE1 and was elected the first commander.


    The first Sigma Nu house was located at 502 Duck Street . The second house was at 302 Knoblock. Construction of the current Sigma Nu house in which we now live was begun in 1928 and finished in 1929 costing $60,000 plus an additional $10,000 for furniture (the first mortgage was paid off in 1941). The style of the house is English Tudor. The house was constructed by McAlester Construction Company of Columbia , Missouri . It originally held 38 men. There have been three major additions to the house since 1929. The first was the addition of the card room and dining room in 1958, the second was the construction of the “new addition” in 1979, and the third was a complete renovation into the house we know today into suite-style living completed in late 2003.


    The light fixture in the vestibule and the wooden railing up the front stairs are all original fixtures of the house. Changes in the house since its building are: the card room was once a front porch, the old spiral staircase going to the boiler room used to extend all the way up to the third floor, the ladies head used to be a phone booth, and the cave was originally the chapter room then the tube room, and was remodeled in 1973 for living space.


    There have been two major fires in the house. The first was on December 29, 1957 and the other on January 8, 1968. The latter fire was noticed by several members of Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity who woke up sleeping Sigma Nu’s and warned them of the fire. The AGR’s also allowed many of our brothers to stay in their house until the Sigma Nu house was repaired. Since that time, in gratitude, we invite the AGR’s to our annual Frontier Ball and they in return invite us to their annual Barn Dance.


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