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    Thank you in advance for considering a stretch philanthropic contribution to the most exciting initiative in the modern era surrounding the Epsilon Epsilon chapter at Oklahoma State University. As you may be aware, we have a bold vision, a forward-thinking design, a comprehensive campaign, and tremendous energy for the next generation of our fraternity home at 913 W University Avenue.


    The budget/ goal for this transformational project is $12 million.  


    Your brothers on the committee chose the name CENTENNIAL CAMPAIGN given the significance of this capital initiative correlating with 2020; 100 years of our chapter being a top fraternity house on campus. 


    Commemorating Epsilon Epsilon as one of, if not the, top chapters in the Sigma Nu system and appreciating the significance of how this initiative compliments the beautiful and evolving OSU landscape, we are aiming for 100% of financial support from the 1800 living Chapter Alumni.  Your contribution is a key element to our house remaining a top fraternity with a long list of achievements, accomplishments, and awards. 


    I sincerely appreciate your difference-making involvement and look forward to the day we celebrate reaching our goal in this mission-critical campaign sustaining OSU’s most prominent chapter – Epsilon Epsilon. 


    This is a moment to seize history and play a role in shaping the future. The time is now.  Join us. 


    Sincerely and appreciatively, 



    Stan Bugh


    EE #1458

    Sigma Nu – Epsilon Epsilon Chapter 








    Honoring the past. Preparing for the future


    The Brothers of Sigma Nu’s Epsilon Epsilon Chapter are men of honor and loyal brotherhood, stewards of their community and builders of tomorrow.

    Historically, they are men who set ambitious goals with respect to house, Greek and campus leadership and understand the value and balance of scholarship, relationships and philanthropy. For many decades, Oklahoma State University Sigma Nus have earned the reputation of initiating OSU’s strongest undergraduate men. And becoming a Sigma Nu at Oklahoma State has proven to be more than just a four year college experience but one that lasts a lifetime.


    Today, the Epsilon Epsilon continues that time-honored legacy of producing extraordinary gentlemen who make up the Brotherhood of Sigma Nu. Undergraduate brothers and alumni have worked together and made sacrifices to preserve the chapter’s legacy and invest in its future. And today, that Brotherhood boldly moves forward with a far-reaching vision to not only ensure our future, but assure it’s a future built upon the success of those who came before us.


    As we move toward a watershed moment in our chapter’s history in 2020 - our 100th anniversary - this significant touchstone creates pause to reflect on the foundation of excellence built at the hands of our Brothers and the responsibility that lies in perpetuating excellence for another century.


    Your fellow Brothers are asking a simple question: can we live beyond ourselves in an eternal commitment to high standards and fraternal bonds?


    Chapter leadership believes the Epsilon Epsilon Family supports not only this question, but its ideal. And this belief provides the very foundation for construction of a re-invented fraternal homestead building upon our iconic site at 913 West University Avenue.


    The construction of our remodeled fraternity house will serve as a visual representation of our chapter providing increased space, improved amenities, growth and offerings essential to ensuring our fellow Brothers are housed in a space that not only meets their needs, but fosters self-improvement in an enhanced living and learning environment.  For each year we remain in the current facility, our Brotherhood loses competitive ground in attracting young men who excel in academics, leadership, athletics and campus activities at Oklahoma State University - an institution where these Sigma Nu qualities have reigned supreme for nearly our entire tenure on campus.


    This is a moment nearly a century in the making.  It is a moment to seize history and play a role in honoring the future. The time is now. By choosing to get in lockstep as a family, as united Brothers, we choose to make an investment for life.


    The Epsilon Epsilon Chapter is not your typical fraternity. We are special.

    We have been called the top house in our national footprint. And as OSU Sigma Nus rally to support their lifelong Brothers in becoming successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, top educators, influencers and business builders, Epsilon Epsilon Chapter is asking you to invest in the next chapter providing an environment of building exceptional men. Now is the time to invest back into the affiliation which positively shaped our adult lives as young men…and prepare to do the same for the chosen few who have yet to enter our walls. 


    To extend our walls we must first move them. 


    Join us.










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